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Every year, the English Area of Liceo de los Andes works hard and constantly in order to increase not only abilities in this language but also the immersion in the anglophone culture. According to this, there are several reasons why the english language is experiencing a process of strengthening in our school.

First of all, the communicative approach is being implemented in the classes and in different pedagogical practices related to the teaching of a second language. The counsel in charge of Miss Amparo Duque has helped teachers to comprehend and apply the communicative approach in a better way. However, this approach is not the only effective method. In fact, is possible to take some elements from other approaches to attend the learning´s needs. The educators introduce contexts that are related to the topics but also aspects of students’ real life. In this way, the second language learning has a link with their abilities, likes, dislikes, strengths, etc.

Secondly, the usage of english in diverse academic activities. One of the main proposals of the area is to apply the second language in contexts distinct from the classroom. In this way, this foreign language appears in projects like PIAC, zoografía, mundografía and proyectorafía. One part of these ones, have to be done using English. In addition, they must comprehend the questions of the jury and suggest good arguments in the answers.

Finally, we have the english day. This is the most important event of this area in the year. All the grades prepare fabulous sketches with different and interesting cultural topics around the world. The second language becomes a vehicle to explore themes such as festivals, customs, music, movies, sports, etc. Students identify characteristics, origin and importance of these phenomena to the populations.

In 2015, our english day will focus on the most representative cultural practices such as Walt Disney, british music, the religious festivals, Hollywood, etc. Learners will have to research about the topic, prepare the script, suggest ideas for the role play, memorize the script and demonstrate their abilities in English and their acting performance. The english is used in  multiple contexts and is related to their lives.

In conclusion, the second language in Liceo de los Andes is experiencing a process of strengthening in our school. Step by step, our school is offering better english levels, it is becoming a bilingual educative institution.

Written by:

Ronald Silva

English coordinator